Serving up “New American Barbeque”
to the Tampa Bay Area

From our family to yours

We do a lot of things really well at Dr. BBQ, but the thing we arguably do the best is bring people together over food. To us, at the end of the day, that’s really all that matters. We can work hard and pour our hearts into every dish we make, but if you don’t come to enjoy it, what really was it worth? It’s true. When you’re at Dr. BBQ, you’re family. Our family.

Dr. BBQ Home
Dr. BBQ Home


With partners Suzanne and Roger Perry, owners of Datz Restaurant Group, Lampe brings a new class of dynamic, food-forward smoke-basted meats to Dr. BBQ in St. Petersburg’s emerging EDGE District.

Offering “new American barbecue” to the Tampa Bay area, the full-service restaurant sizzles with global flavors. Dr. BBQ created these exclusive new recipes by drawing on inspiration from his travels and the local tastes of St. Pete.

And he’s mustered up a fantastic team to make the magic.

The bar features a remarkable selection of bourbons curated by an award-winning mixologist, along with a creative cocktail program, artisanal spirits, house-made cola, and local beers.

The rustic industrial ambiance of the interior complements the cuisine and gives diners a number of seating options: from community tables to private booths to a couple of saddles, guests are welcome to relax and enjoy.


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